Qryztufre (qryztufre) wrote in secondshifters,

Things to pass the time...

In a community that has a message board there is just not a whole lot to say...which pretty much makes for the dull and boring.

So I have a few ideas...
1. Post way cool/funny/insightful/inspiring posts worthy of repeating
2. Keep us posted (by cross posting) of any important features/news/announcements that we may have missed a thread on.
3. Maybe some lyrics from our favorite songs
4. Random musing about how purdy Water & Atnevon are...
5. Your plans to take over the world!
6. Other LJ communties that may interest the listeners of SS
7. Have I mentioned that Water is pretty? *stalks water*
8. I forget what 8 was for...
9. Can you think of other things?

Now certainly, I don't really want this community to to have messages daily, my Flist is long enough, but I'd certainly not mind seeing this group brought to the top now and again on a regular basis. And I think that with at least a few entries we might just entice more members that pop in to just check us out...

Lastly, I love you guys!
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