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Welcome to Second Shifters

First off, I'd like to welcome you all to the community. You can tune into the station at and click on listen. You can tune in using winamp, windows media player, or you can download the free (virus and spyware free also) second shifters player. Our DJs are laid back and always willing to take requests. Also, this is a completely legal station. The owners of the station make sure that all their music is legitimate and all the fees that need to be paid are paid, etc.

and yes, that does show what's currently being played :)

Here are a few things to know about the station.

There are a lot of websites out there, a lot of things in life in general that offer no protection to anyone. Hatred flies free and is hidden under the guise of free speech. No protection is offered to those of us who are different, who don't fit the mainstream mold of what is expected.

Some of those people wish to find a haven, where they are free to discuss the things that are still not talked about in public. Freedom's that we all take for granted, and others try to take from us. Our rights as human beings to be the people we are without being afraid that we will be persecuted for it. We realize that there are minors who may listen to us, and people with sensitive beliefs and different ways of life: while we protect our right to free speech, we temper it with our beliefs in humanity. The first of which we consider to be: Do whatever you want to do, just don't hurt someone else by it.

We do not endorse any life choices: we endorse your right to make them, and be safe when you do so. We embrace all religions, all lifestyles, and all choices that are brought forth that will benefit mankind; and our need to learn more about ourselves and others. If you were to categorize the station, and it's cause: You would find the word humanity in capitol letters often. We are here for the enjoyment of everyone, our site, or forums, our station itself.

Just remember, in the battle of 'free-speech'... your right to it ends when it begins to hurt another person. Please, do not abuse our DJ's or our Forums with hatred or abuse, and we will watch over all of you, making sure that this is your place to be free and explore yourselves and the world within our pages, safely. As always, let the music play, and the soul fly free...

Take a look at the site, join the forums, tune in and get bitten. You might just like what you here. Also, our DJs also take requests in our chatroom. Feel free to drop by and get to know some of the other listeners!

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