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Second Shifters

Radio That Bites Hard

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With a whole world of radio stations out there that are trying to set themselves apart from everyone else, it seems that the music they play isn't so much different from what you'd hear on any other station. From one station to the next it seems to be the same artists debuting at the same time with the same albums and the same songs. The timing of it all is like clockwork, with an effect so strong that it is very difficult to find a station that is playing something that is really new and really unique. Second Shifters is a station that is not quite like most of the other stations out there. We aren't the type of radio station that only plays the artists big enough to promote their music everywhere in the world. We seek out our own music to find what appeals to the darker side of us, and we play what we like instead of what all the mainstream charts tell us we should play. Our range goes from lesser known artists, such as Merry Widow, Epsilon- Zero, and Sister Sacrilege, to the darker names you've already heard and loved. Every day our playlist is growing and we're always willing to consider requests.

Email: water@secondshifters.com
DeadJournal: waterrtbh
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Email: atnevon@secondshifters.com
DeadJournal: atnevon
Profile: http://www.secondshifters.com/index.php?func=AtnevonRTBH
Email: scypher@secondshifters.com
DeadJournal: scypher
Profile: http://www.secondshifters.com/index.php?func=ScypherRTBH
Email: Ruined@IGCAD.com
AIM/YIM: RuinedSaintRTBH
Profile: http://www.secondshifters.com/index.php?func=RuinedSaintRTBH
Email: sanctuary@gmail.com
AIM/YIM: SanctuaryRTBH
DeadJournal: sanctuary
Profile: http://www.secondshifters.com/index.php?func=SanctuaryRTBH
Email: spider@secondshifters.com
DeadJournal: s3lfdestructi0n
Profile: http://secondshifters.com/index.php?func=SpiderRTBH
Email: valgadis@secondshifters.com
Profile: http://www.secondshifters.com/index.php?func=ValgadisRTBH
Email: nipplenecromancer@secondshifters.com
Profile: http://www.secondshifters.com/index.php?func=NippleNecromancerRTBH
Staff Bios: http://secondshifters.com/index.php?func=bios

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30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, abney park, amber spyglass, angels and agony, apoptygma berzerk, ascii disko, backandtotheleft, bad religion, battery cage, bauhaus, beseech, bif naked, bleak track, candlebox, carfax abbey, cell division, claire voyant, clan of xymox, coal chamber, cocteau twins, collide, concrete blonde, cruxshadows, darkwell, de vision, dead can dance, deftones, delerium, depeche mode, diary of dreams, dismantled, disturbed, dope, electric hellfire club, electro assassin, epsilon-zero, evanescence, faith and the muse, fear factory, fictional, front 242, front line assembly, funker vogt, garbage, genitorturers, god module, godhead, godsmack, gravity kills, h.i.m, hanzel und gretyl, haujobb, heimataerde, imperative reaction, informatik, interpol, jack off jill, joy division, juno reactor, korn, lights of euphoria, liquid abyss, live, live not on evil, local h, lollipop lust kill, london after midnight, lost boys, love and rockets, lycia, machine head, machines of loving grace, marilyn manson, midnight configuration, milla, mind in a box, mindless self indulgence, ministry, monkeynut, mono chrome, morbid angel, my chemical romance, nickelback, nightwish, nine inch nails, nocturne, noise unit, orgy, paradise lost, plastic noise experience, poe, powerman 5000, prodigy, project pitchfork, psyche, psyclon nine, pulse legion, ra, rage against the machine, rammstein, rasputina, ravenous, rob zombie, seabound, second skin, serious black, seven 13, seven mary three, sevendust, sister machine gun, skinny puppy, slipknot, snake river conspiracy, soundgarden, stabbing westward, static x, stone sour, strange boutique, suicide commando, switchblade symphony, system of a down, system syn, tactical sekt, the birthday massacre, the cassandra complex, the cure, the dreaming, the dreamside, the last dance, the quantum dots, the sisters of mercy, the start, the used, the verve pipe, theatre of tragedy, theory of a deadman, tool, type o negative, vampire nation, velvet acid christ, vnv nation, voltaire, white zombie, wolfsheim, wumpscut, zeromancer